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Cecily Speaks: November 18, 2013

Working within the system
I guess I got pretty activated during the anti-Scott Walker affair in Madison, Wisconsin. The summer before, I was at the United States Socialist Forum and linked up with the Democratic Socialists of America. I was a student teacher, and then ended up in Madison, Wisconsin. It was my senior year, and I was just like, “Look, I have to be at Madison. I have to take two weeks off of school.

The Silencing Of Cecily McMillan

Change the system from the inside

I almost pushed a friend of mine into traffic once. We were walking in midtown Manhattan and I had been hiccuping ungracefully for the past twenty minutes. My friend tried to scare my hiccups away with an unsuccessful series of tiny exorcisms, faking the tragic cancellation of TV shows and threatening to date jerks we knew. The hiccups persisted and I was getting frustrated, so I resigned to coexisting with them, possibly forever, and steered the conversation back towards other things.