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Weekly Round-up

Solidarity with Walmart Workers

Momentum continues to grow behind the Occupy Sandy relief effort while the monumental scale of the problem comes into clearer focus with Winter looming oh so forebodingly.

In this vein, we’re highly encouraged to report that a vastly improved version of the website has been launched to help us amp up our work that much more.

Weekly Round-up

Rolling Jubilee

Dear Supporter,

Yesterday elections were held, but unfortunately, there was no place to vote for a 'People's Bailout' like the ones the banks bought from their cronies in government.

Fortunately, we have a bailout by the people, for the people, coming up November 15th called the Rolling Jubilee. This is a project of the OWS affinity group Strike Debt where we buy debt for pennies on the dollar, but instead of collecting it, we abolish it.