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Weekly Round-up

Our anniversary weekend may be over, but the fight is undoubtedly continuing and then some!

Following the victorious unionization drive maintained by the Occupy Hot and Crusty campaign from workers at the 63rd Street location, workers at other restaurants owned by the same group of investors have been inspired to organize themselves.

Atlantic Yards Crime Scene Weekend

The State And The City Promised The Atlantic Yards Project Would Deliver 10,000 Jobs And 2,250 Units Of Affordable Housing.

Millions Of Taxpayer Dollars Were Diverted From Funding Much-needed Community Programs In Brooklyn, Hundreds Of Residents Were Displaced Through Eminent Domain, & The MTA Dared Raise Its Fares While Cutting Services Yet Again.

Thursday, 9/27

Candlelight vigil, 7:00 pm, starts this important, action-packed weekend