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Weekly Round-up

All Roads Lead to Wall Street

As you read this, the whirring machinery of mass media is increasingly focusing the spotlight on Romney, Obama and the spectacle of elections.

A lot will be decided this November but almost none of it where the public can see. We receive an endless stream of TV commercials funded by SuperPac billionaires in lieu of a true democratic discourse. The 99% is left in the wake of campaign commercials acting as currency for both the candidates and the media charged with covering them for us.

Is New York About to Get Fracked?

Hit the Road Frack and Don't Come Back Cuo-Mo!

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was most likely not expecting a cheesy magic act during a recent policy summit in New York City, but that is kind of what he got when two anti-fracking activists dressed in character as a magician and his assistant infiltrated the event. After the male half of the duo turned a glass of tap water green, he handed it to his willowy partner, who drank it and then convulsed theatrically as if she were being poisoned.

Debt Crisis and Class Struggle

Inspired by the Quebec student strikes, the Occupy movement will be focusing in on the issue of debt over the coming months. While the movement has in the past been criticized for its lack of a coherent message (often rightfully), this new focus on debt shows the signs of a growing political and economic maturity. This is because debt is essential to understanding the current capitalist crisis, and such an understanding can lead only to radical conclusions.

People Power Challenges Nuclear Power with Nationwide Demonstrations

Occupy Nukes demonstrations were held in towns and cities across the United States on Monday, marking the anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. Approximately 140,000 civilians were killed by the bomb, code-named Little Boy, while hundreds of thousands died later of cancer, and thousands more inherited birth defects.