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Weekly Round-up

Occupy Town Square: Astoria/Long Island City

Occupy these Actions and Assemblies

Wednesday, August 8th, 5:00pm

  • Occupy Gracie Mansion
    • Gracie Mansion, 1670 York Ave, New York
    • The Occupy Wall Street Disability Caucus invites you to a non-violent protest action open to all who wish to publicly show their dissent regarding Mayor Bloomberg’s policies against all marginalized groups.

Wednesday, August 8th, 9:00pm

Is Black Monday the New Beginning?

September 17 marks one year since Occupy Wall Street began as a People’s movement. Everybody from the government to the corporate (mainstream) media speculated that the movement would be dead by spring of 2012. But here we are.

Many of our beloved comrades have transitioned out of the movement, hoping to take a step back, and making room for the next generation of Occupy activists to step up.

OWS Archives Public Meeting

The OWS Archives working group invites OWS activists and the Occupy-interested public to answer the question:

Who will maintain archives for Occupy Wall Street?

Occupy Gracie Mansion

Join Occupy Wall Street’s Disability Caucus as we bring the fight to Bloomberg’s Dinner Table to raise awareness around his 1% policies which continue to marginalize New Yorkers of all backgrounds.