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Weekly Round-up

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Occupy These Upcoming Events

Wednesday, June 27th, 8:00am

  • Occupy The Citi
  • Citigroup Building - One Court Square- Long Island City
  • Occupy Astoria LIC invites everyone for a day of public outrage and education, with special guests, as we #OccupyTheCiti. Four years ago, Citigroup and the Wall Street banks crashed the world economy. We will gather, hold teach-ins, and speak truth to power.

Weekly Round-up

Issue #3 of the Project List is out! The OWS Project list is a bi-monthly listing of NYC-wide Occupy projects.  With descriptions of each project and contact info, this is the perfect place to start if you have yet to find your Occu-niche. View the new Project List online here.

Chicago Factory Occupiers Form Worker Cooperative

First, they occupied the factory to get their wages from the bosses that owned the machinery. Then, they occupied their factory to keep the second bosses from shutting down their machinery. And, now, they are on their way to owning and running the machinery.

The group of workers who occupied their Chicago factory in 2008 and again in 2012 incorporated a worker-run cooperative on May 30, 2012. The factory window makers will take over was formerly owned by Republic Windows and Doors and then Serious Energy, and will now be run by New Era Windows, LLC.