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How High CEO Pay Hurts the 99 Percent

Greed Sucks!

While most Americans struggle to make ends meet, the CEOs of major U.S. business corporations are pulling eight-figure - sometimes even nine-figure - compensation packages. When they win, the 99 percent lose. We rely on these executives to allocate corporate resources to investments in new products and processes that, in a world of global competition, can provide us with good jobs. Yet the ways in which we permit top corporate executives to be paid actually gives them a strong disincentive to invest in innovation and training.

May Day 2012

Millions of people throughout the world — workers, students, immigrants, professionals, houseworkers — will take to the streets to unite in a General Strike against a system that does not work for us. We call on everyone to join us: No work! No school! No shopping! Take the streets!