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ACT UP Is At It Again

Long before the red ribbon became an innocuous symbol of AIDS “awareness” and celebrity philanthropy, there was the pink triangle and there was ACT UP and there were thousands of people taking to the streets for their lives. Once a symbol used to mark suspected queers for death in the Holocaust, ACT UP appropriated the pink triangle for themselves, now flipped on its base, pointing upward on a black field, away from the grave, signed with the call to arms, “SILENCE = DEATH.” 

General Strike NOW: Ways to Build Up and Participate on May 1st

Embrace Autonomy!: During a general strike, we withdraw from capitalism and instead spend our lives exploring the creative and liberating aspects of a culture of resistance. Once you’ve taken the day off, spend your time doing whatever it is that you love to do and make it an act of protest! The options for various autonomous actions are endless–organize a banner drop, employ a fare strike, disrupt consumerism in the act. Use your creativity to decide on a symbolic or instrumental action that you and friends would invest a portion of your day toward executing!