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Oklahoma Urgently Needs Your Support

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Our brothers and sisters in Oklahoma have been busy mobilizing in the wake of the tornado this week and they need our help!

Please see the message below from organizers on the ground, but first, here is what you can do to help:

Moore, OK has received a lot of attention this week, but there were thirteen tornadoes between Sunday and Monday. Many surrounding communities have been hit very hard and have been largely ignored by the media.

Below is a message from an organizer who visited one of those communities:

We just visited with some representatives of the Absentee Shawnee Tribe in Little Axe. We have outlying communities whose basic human needs have not been addressed. We have people living under tarps with no shelter or structures to protect them from the elements. We have people residing at a nearby lake without tents, running water or bathrooms. And we have people who have lost love ones without any mental health assistance.

These are poorer communities, as many of you know, who are not being served by the larger donation base at work here in Oklahoma. Approximately, half of the affected population lost homes and the other half lost their trailer homes, which are utterly destroyed in tornadoes. We have urgent needs that need to be met as soon as humanly possible.

Let's help our brothers and sisters in Oklahoma!  Spread the word, donate or volunteer!

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