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Overpass Light Brigade Crashes Scott Walker’s Governors Convention

"You should arrest them!” screamed a voice from an SUV directed at several surrounding police officers, as the car pulled out of a Governors Convention parking space. Why? All they were doing was holding a message. Perhaps it may have been the message? Was it offensive? Or maybe, it was exposing the truth, and the truth hurts, especially when it is spelled out in brilliant, illuminated LED letters, in a place of extreme visibility, at a time when the worst Governor in the nation is hosting a party for other governors.

Lots of Holders of the Light showed up for this for this action leaving a few extra holders, who held American and Wisconsin flags. The group met on the west end of the Milwaukee Art Museum and spelled out their message before marching it down to Discovery World, where Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was hosting his fancy Governors Conference. In attendance at this year’s conference were all four Republican governors who recently signed legislation into law destroying women’s reproductive rights. These included Walker himself, John Kasich – OH, Pat McCrory – NC, and Rick Perry – TX. For this reason the Overpass Light Brigade teamed up with “Focus on Jobs, Not Vaginas” for the message. The two group’s goal was to get their message as close to the event as possible, so everyone entering and exiting the venue couldn’t miss it. The first couple places scouted ended up being inaccessible, as the entire premises was cordoned off for the event. The message finally ended up on a grassy mound right next to the Milwaukee Art Museum and its stunning Calatrava Brise Soleil, as well as Milwaukee’s downtown skyline, which both provided spectacular backdrops for the group’s message.

Once the message was placed, the governors party moved from inside Discovery World to outside, as people were drawn to the light to snatch a glimpse or snap a photo. The group decided to move their message closer to the fence line so Walker and his friends could get a better view. After a few minutes in the group’s new location, the lakefront erupted into a full private fireworks show for Walker and his executive friends. It was sad knowing that, while OLB holders were pleading with the attending governors to stop attacking women and start focusing on creating family supporting jobs, they were instead indulging in their own personal private party and fireworks show.

After holding their message for anyone coming or leaving the venue for two-hours, OLB decided to call it an evening. They declared the night a success, but vowed to keep the pressure on politicians like Walker to take their hands off of women’s bodies and instead focus their time on improving states like Wisconsin, which continues to lag in family sustaining job creation. If not? Expect groups like Focus on Jobs, Not Vaginas and the Overpass Light Brigade to shine a light on your failure.

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