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Venezuela, We Got Your Back: Emergency Protests if There's a Coup d'Etat

US sponsorship of shadow governments and imposition of coups in Latin America have made a mockery of Liberty.

In 2002, the United States and Spain are proven to have participated in a coup d'etat against Venezuela's democratically elected president Hugo Chavez. US corporate media came out with editorials in support of the brief coup government which had axed the national assembly and the constitution and was killing people in the streets. The people rose up and defeated the coup.

Now, days after the first election after Chavez' death, at least 7 are dead, hundreds are wounded, and even the US press can't claim any of the dead are opposed to Chavez's newly elected successor Nicolas Maduro. Health clinics and party offices have been set ablaze, there is violence and destabilization in the streets, Wall Street is wrecking Venezuela's stocks, and yet again, US newspapers like the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Journal, and Miami Herald are publishing editorials against Maduro and the people of the Venezuela.

If there is a coup d'etat in Venezuela, we will not be silent. We will hit the streets in protest. At the first 5pm after the coup has begun, we will hit the streets. Good places to focus on (and enter) are newspapers that have published interventionist editorials or op-eds, federal offices and plazas, or your local Venezuelan Consulate to show your support.

Please spread the word widely and help raise the voice that the people of the world will not sit idly by.

We are not affiliated with any group but the Venezuelan people and we stand by their right to control their destiny without the interference of the US or the types of local elites that usually control elections.

Please post any updates on local event plans in your city, and we will post them to the FB event page. Feel free also to post reactionary editorials from US newspapers, to suggest those as offices to march on. So far, we know of the Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, Washington Post.

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