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Join a
Working Group
There are over 100 working groups in the OWS community organized around specific sets of interests and skills. Browse through the groups to find one that interests you -- they're open to everyone! Our community is also engaged in project-based organizing. Check out the current list of projects or submit your own. Finally, if you want to do something because you believe in Occupy, go ahead and do it! You don't need our permission to take action.

Contribute Skills


Let us know your interests and availability. We'll get in touch with you as working groups share their needs with us.

Offer Stuff
Our favorite type of donations are in-kind ones. Please consider sending us stuff. Some of our immediate needs can be found by looking at #needsoftheoccupiers
Offer Space
We're always looking for space where we can hold events, cook food, take warm showers, do laundry and/or get a quiet night's rest. Please let us know if you'd like to make some space available.
Food & Kitchen
An army travels on its stomach, and we have a long journey ahead. Can you help us find space to prepare food?
Occupiers come from all backgrounds and economic situations, and we've all come together to fight inequality and injustice. Can you help find or provide shelter for an occupier?
Give Money
We encourage people to support us by sending materials, space and alternative currencies. However, we understand that cash donations are easiest for many people, and we greatly appreciate any contribution you can make.

Financial Disclosures
Transparency is extremely important to us, but so is privacy. We're in the process of implementing a new system to achieve both. In the meantime, you can check out the Accounting Working Group Blog. If you're not comfortable with our current levels of transparency, then please consider donating space or stuff instead.