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About Streetnet

Off the web and into the streets! 

The mission of is to inspire people to turn the web into a network that fills the streets.

About OWS

Learn more about Occupy Wall Street, get answers to Frequently Asked Questions, and see the original documents created by the OWS General Assembly. Visit:

Who the Hell Are We?

We aim to be an accountable website for the Occupy Movement. That means that we are an open group of unpaid individuals who operate according to modified consensus. We are not affiliated with any political party. Our web hosting is donated.

The Streetnet Team


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And a rotating cast of dedicated characters.


The site was originally developed by Benj Fredrick and Joel Moore.

Pea and Thiago design and maintain the site and provide ongoing development.

We welcome new editors and developers! Email to inquire about our 3-month trial period and mentoring process. 

Our Content

We post original content, and would like to produce more.

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Criteria for Submitting Content to Streetnet

Must abide by the Statement of Autonomy, not promoting any individual candidate, political party, NGO, etc.

Must abide by the Principles of Solidarity (ie anti-racist, anti-sexist, etc)

Should deal with either: an Occupy Wall Street action or project, economic justice or the Commons, or an allied project around the country or world. Editors may add a separate intro to your article so as to make the link between the article topic and OWS.

If accepted, submissions may be heavily edited for flow, but will always be run by you for your approval before publishing.