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Debt Assembly and Conversation About "Six Ways of Being in Debt"

Sunday, August 5, 2012 - 2:00pm
Washington Square Park
Washington Square Park (near the Garibaldi statue)
New York, NY 10003
United States
The Bonds of Debt By Richard Dienst

#Strikedebt Assembly

We all have debt. Student Debt, mortgage debt, healthcare debt, credit-card debt, and more: debt is the tie that binds the 99%. Debt is the primary tool that the 1% mafia uses to extract profits from the 99%.

It is time rethink all of the promises we made, the contracts we signed. In mafia capitalism, the 99% goes into debt for the basic needs of life: housing, education, healthcare. Meanwhile the 1% profits and the banks get bailed out.

We say enough! We ask all debtors: how do you strike debt? Join us as we begin to build a people’s movement to strike debt, break the chains of debt and build new social bonds.

Strike Debt is a coalition from across the social justice movement and Occupy Wall Street, including Free University, Occupy Student Debt Campaign, OWS Direct Action, Occupy University and Occupy Theory.


"Six Ways of Being in Debt"

After the weekly Strike Debt meeting, join Richard Dienst, author of "The Bonds of Debt" in conversation about "Six Ways of Being in Debt."

Richard will offer an outline for different ways people find themselves indebted. He'll also pose some questions to the group about how we can undo the system of debts around us.

As usual, the conversation will be facilitated horizontally!


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