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L3 Demo on March 19th: Come Out Against Drones in NYC!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014 - 4:30pm to 6:30pm
600 Third Avenue
At 39th Street: L-3 Communications corporate headquarters
New York City, NY 10016
United States
I see my government killing unarmed civilians with drones

The United States Department of Defense continues to reassure Wall Street banks that defense contractors are a safe investment. Why? Because the government is prepared to continuously add to our national debt in order to pay the defense contractors -- so that they can in turn pay back the banks.

In 2010 L-3 was awarded $13 billion to provide electronics for Predator drones and other military technology, as well as translators for Abu Ghraib prison. Help us confront the top military contractor in NYC – L3 - a major corporation traded on Wall Street, that has contributed to senseless deaths in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere. On the 11th anniversary of the Iraq War, join us!

More info: L-3calltoaction3-19-14.pdf    

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