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#N17 Earth Eviction Defense

Saturday, November 17, 2012 - 1:00pm
42nd St and 6th Avenue, Bryant Park
New York, NY 10018
United States
Occupy the Pipeline
Erik McGregor

Occupy The Pipeline to March in New York City

Post-Hurricane Action to Highlight Fossil Fuel Damage

Join hundreds of New Yorkers from upstate and downstate as they converge in Bryant Park in Times Square as part of a global week of action protesting the social, environmental and climatic devastation of the fossil fuel industry, in solidarity with actions by Green Umbrella, Tar Sands Blockade, Push Europe Climate Justice, Occupy Melbourne,, and many grassroots organizations all over the planet. The group will march to key locations that include bank headquarters and media centers, all of whom are either actively responsible for climate change or are complicit in spreading climate disinformation. More than just a march, this gathering will perform a whole range of informative and eye-catching spectacles including everything from eating a giant mountain-shaped cake to staging a news report in a public fountain to mining for coal in the decorative gardens of New York’s financial centers. If you are in New York City, please join us!

Global Context

The protest comes as the East Coast struggles to recover from Superstorm Sandy. “While politicians have made the connection between climate crisis and Sandy’s devastation, we’ve heard less about the connection between climate change and fossil fuels,” said Patrick Robbins, an Occupy the Pipeline organizer.

Drought covered much of America's Midwest this summer. A recent report predicts that, by 2030, 100 million people will perish as a result of the greenhouse gases that corporations emit and Wall Street bankrolls. In America, the silence regarding climate change from our media and politicians, even as nature screams, is deafening. While here in New York we struggle to rebuild in the wake of Sandy, a resistance against corporate induced global warming is needed now more than ever.

Join us on November 17th in an International Earth Eviction Defense to prevent the 1% from foreclosing on the planet. The Earth Eviction Defense will be occurring ahead of UN climate talks in Doha this November. As the Kyoto Protocol expires this year, what happens at this gathering will have a long lasting impact on the future of the earth. It is not a positive sign that world leaders have chosen to gather in the capital of an oil dictatorship to discuss the impact of fossil fuels on our atmosphere. We in New York have seen what climate change looks like; police guarding gas stations as fuel grows thin, furniture upside down along rubble strewn streets, eighty-year-olds trapped in the cold, dark, twentieth floor of housing projects. Sadly, much of the world is already familiar with these scenarios; the products of savage inequality and a reckless abhorrence of nature.

We have a different vision.

Our struggle is global. Now is the time for a mass mobilization of direct action. We call on comrades and allies around the globe to target local sites of dirty power with sit-ins, blockades, pickets, flash mobs, occupations and other forms of nonviolent direct action.

Choose a new target or link an existing campaign to this larger movement.

Together we can build a world based on truly renewable energy sources, a world in which health, biodiversity and labor are respected and protected.

System Change, Not Climate Change!

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