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Occupy May Day

Wednesday, May 1, 2013 (All day)
Various Locations
New York, NY 10016
United States
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May Day 2013 is Here!

Groups from around New York City are coming together this May Day to stand up for worker rights and immigrant rights, and fight back against the 1%. Join labor unions, the May 1st Coalition, immigrant rights groups, Occupy Wall Street and student groups as we come together and say Another World Is Possible!

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See the full May Day NYC schedule, as well as specifics on the events below:

  • all day: The People’s Puppets
    • We begin the day early in 2 groups: Uptown (meeting in Bryant Park at 10am) and Downtown (meeting in Union Sq at 11am). After marching with different groups, we’ll meet back at Union Square for more performances, especially game time at 4pm!
  • 11am-2:30pm: Free University @ Cooper Union
    • The Free University of NYC invites neighborhood organizations, schools, unions, spiritual centers, and other community education-oriented groups to create your own Free Universities this May 1st. The impetus behind this May Day call to education is to encourage local communities to host your own gatherings of free education to ensure they’re directly relevant and empowering on a ground level.
  • Noon: Immigrant Worker Justice Tour @ Bryant Park
    • Join immigrants and workers this May Day as we highlight the daily struggles facing immigrants and workers in New York City. We will visit several workplaces in midtown to demand an end to exploitation of immigrant workers, ending at Schumer's office for a speak-out on what real immigration reform looks like.
  • 2:30pm: #99PKTS Solidarity Swarm @ Union Square
    • Join 99 Pickets, the Rude Mechanical Orchestra, and allies as we march on employers around Union Square to demand fair pay and justice for all workers. We'll be visiting the offices of Frieze Art Fair to call for a fairer art world, Wendy's to support the Coalition of Immokalee Workers and the Travel Channel to support members of the Writers Guild. Gather at 2:30pm in the NE corner of Union Square; we'll leave at 3pm. Look for Rude Mechanical Orchestra!
  • 3:30: Everybody Now! Sing along @ Union Square
    • Everybody Now! is a choir that you join as soon as you start to sing (or whisper or hum). On May Day, we will be sharing this song, "We Stand For Justice", at the beginning of the rally at Union Square, and we would love to you to lift your voice and sing with us! Our goal is to make it as resonant and contagious as possible - ideally everyone at the rally will feel empowered and excited to sing along! Listen to a demo of the song and meet us at the SE corner of Union Square (14th St between Broadway and Lafayette, right across from the Duane Reade) AND THEN SING WITH US IN THE RALLY AT 4 PM!!
  • 4pm: Unified Rally for Immigrant & Worker Rights @ Union Squre
    • Joint rally with the May 1st Coalition; the Alliance for Labor Rights, Immigrant Rights and Jobs for All; immigrant rights groups; and Occupy Wall Street. The rally will be a mix of speakers and entertainment drawing attention to the struggles and victories of labor unions, workers, immigrants and the 99%. Followed by a march down Broadway to City Hall.
  • 7pm: May Day People’s Assembly @ Foley Square
    • This Assembly will be the first in a series of monthly People's Assemblies that will take place on the first Wednesday of each month. What do we have in common, how do our experiences vary, and what can we build together? As the march ends, gather in Foley Square starting at 7pm. We will split into multiple groups based on the struggles, campaigns and people present.
  • 7:30: Occu-Evolve Kimani Grey Assembly @ Zucotti Park
    • Emphasis on current labor struggles, ending Police Murder and Brutality, stop & frisk, mass incarceration and the War on Black and Brown People, justice for victims of Hurricane Sandy and building Occupy Wall Street to truly reflect and fight for all of the people in New York City.
  • 9pm: Dance Your Debt Away @ Washington Square Park
    • A party to end the day!

All Day Events

  • Singing occupation with Everybody Now!
  • Free University at parks around the city
  • Occupy the Subway outreach to the 99% with Occu-Evolve
  • 99 Picket Lines for May Day!
  • Protests/speak-outs against Law Day starting in SI at 8:30am

Further Information

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