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Occupying the New York State Capitol March 20

Thursday, March 20, 2014 (All day)
State Capitol
Albany, NY 12201
United States
March on Albany

Momentum is building for a mass mobilization of progressive New Yorkers on March 20th to occupy our state Capitol in Albany.

Join the Albany occupation to demand a New York that works for #AllOfUs!

We need to take on Governor 1% Andrew Cuomo in the last week of state budget negotiations. Budgets are moral documents and we need one to serve the 99%, not Cuomo's presidential ambitions or Wall Street donors.

The 1% has collectively seen the rise of a progressive populist message that is resonating across the country. The powers that be are responding to the occupy-inspired zeitgeist through Andrew Cuomo.

It is time for us to act in kind: Get on a free bus to occupy our state Capitol.

Albany's entrenched interests can easily pass policies for their corporate sponsors and billionaire backers. The 99% needs to stand up for democracy and to make our voices heard.Civil Disobedience and protests will take place throughout the day targeting Governor 1% and the handful of men lording over the budget. Arrestable and non-arrestable action will be occurring throughout the day.

Please email if you you might be interested in joining the civil disobedience at this event.  For those who can't make it, we will also try to provide meaningful online actions you can take to spread the word! Stay tuned for more on that front, and check out:

  • See details and reserve your spot on the bus.
  • Facebook: See which of your friends are signed up and please invite more.

Our various causes all come under the collective umbrella of an idea true to the heart of Occupy Wall Street: our government structures should serve #AllOfUs, not just the 1%.

Sign up to occupy Albany and reserve your seat on the free buses coming from across NYC!

Demand a NY that works for all of us, and let's build the better world we know is possible, starting right here.


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