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Party to Save the Village

Wednesday, October 3, 2012 - 6:30pm
LGBT Center
208 West 13th Street
New York, NY 10011
United States
Imagine a day when New York State will be from from the threat of fracking. We will make it happen.
Imagine a day when New York State will be from from the threat of fracking. We will make it happen.
Photo Credit: Suzanne Poli


This is a totally fun event about a deadly serious issue: Join Sane Energy Project and Occupy The Pipeline for great food, booze, live music, burlesque, and plenty of sexy magic. Plus, there will be an art show and auction featuring talented Occupy artists, and the iconic photographs of Suzanne Poli, whose soon-to-be-released Out of the Closet and onto the Streets: Gay Pride and the 21st Century, is the first comprehensive photo book documenting the pride movement in New York City from Stonewall to the present day.


Studies show that the gay community has a higher-than-average cancer risk, and many in the Village already suffer from HIV-related immune deficiency. This is also a neighborhood where the number of young children has grown exponentially in recent years. 4,632 families reside here, with 1,823 children under the age of 10. Those with such delicate immune systems shouldn’t be put at additional risk from water or air poisoned by fracking, or from exposure to carcinogenic radon in shale gas piped into our stoves and laundry equipment. In addition to these and other health risks posed by fracking, the West Village and Chelsea, historical centers of gay life and home to many in the gay and arts communities, are now threatened by the Spectra pipeline, an enormous, high-pressure gas pipeline being imposed on an unwilling neighborhood.


Come help support the groups who are working diligently to keep this ill-conceived pipeline and the fracked gas it carries out of New York, while leading our city towards a clean energy future. Help Sane Energy Project and Occupy The Pipeline do battle in the courts, and on the streets! We have many great acts already signed on, with more details to come soon. All are welcome to this unforgettable night of top-notch performers, delicious food, lively discussion, and fabulous art.

Have a great time while doing good! 

Featuring the Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping Gospel Choir, plus many more fabulous performers:

  • Strike Anywhere
  • Drag Performer, Marti Cummings
  • Sexy magician and juggler, Eric Walton
  • Rude Mechanical Orchestra!

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