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Today! Wall Street Victory Party: Election Day

Tuesday, November 6, 2012 - 5:15pm
Liberty Square
New York, NY 10006
United States
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We've all been working hard this last week, from the Rockaways to Red Hook, Chinatown to Staten Island. We've been working hard ALL YEAR to build PEOPLE POWER!

CELEBRATE the rising tides of People Power, in defiance of rising sea levels

On Election Night, at 5:15, at Liberty Square, let's make a commitment to each other: IN THE COMING YEAR, what are the ways you will build People Power, beyond casting a single vote?

Our efforts with Occupy Sandy show in deep and meaningful ways how, in just one year, we've continuously succeeded at building People Power. We know mere votes for change are not ushering in the radical renewal we need. We aren't waiting for the government to come through for the people hardest hit by Sandy - we are doing it for ourselves. We have long term work to do to restore our communities after Sandy, and to restore our country and our world too!

Come on down to Liberty at 5:15 for an ironic election night toast, then a pub crawl, rallying our way north to the People's Assembly at 9:00.

On Election Day, why wait until the official tally comes in? After all, here on Wall Street, we are always the first to know who won. At the true epicenter of American power, the 1% will mingle, pour some bubbly, and then call the elections early. Regardless of which party snags the seat of power, we have already won!!!


A note on proper attire: Be sure to dress in your 1% finest!*

*If you don't have a suit that's okay, there's always a role for the 99% to play.

Fuck Change the 1% Can Believe In! (Climate Change)

BRING light and warmth for the people hardest hit by Sandy

  • Bring things that bring light (candles, flashlights and batteries)
  • Bring things that keep you dry (ponchos, woolen socks)

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