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Weekly Round-up

The Occupy National Gathering that took place in Philadelphia from June 30th-July 4th was a wonderful showcase for our movement. From workshops on issues like the All In The Red student debt campaign to The Illuminator to sleepful protests outside banks to the Wells Fargo carnival, occupiers from the Northeast were joined by the Occupy Caravans delivering activists from Tuscon, Wichita, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City and many more cities from around the country.

It was the kind of participatory democracy our Founding Fathers - and Mothers!- would have been proud of!

-- from the 'Your Inbox: Occupied' team

Occupy These Upcoming Events

Thursday July 5th, 12pm

  • Occupy Sunset Park Rent Strike
    • 553, 545 and 557 46th Street, Brooklyn
    • Our neighbors on 46th St (between 5th & 6th Aves) have been living with little to no electricity, water, and heat for months. Occupy Sunset Park is lending its support to the local Rent Strike!

Thursday July 5th, 4pm

  • Con-Ed Workers Solidarity Rally
    • Converge at East 86th St. and York Ave
    • At 2am on July 1st Con Ed chose to take the extreme action of locking out Local 1-2 UWUA New York Utility workers. A lock out means that Con Ed is refusing to allow workers to report to work and be available to respond to utility emergencies. This dangerous action will leave New Yorkers more vulnerable to brownouts and blackouts over the coming heat wave. Locked out workers are holding pickets 24/7 until they get a contract or are back in negotiations. Join a local ConEd Picket at the locations listed here or outside ConEd headquarters all day, every day, 8am-8pm @ 4 Irving Plaza and 14th St, 2 blocks east of Union Square. Join Immigrant Workers Justice Group and the rest of the labor cluster at Irving Place for a peaceful sleep out in support of our friends in Local 1-2.

Sunday July 7th, 12pm

Saturday, July 7th, 8pm

  • Community Dialogue about September 17
    • Liberty Square
    • All are invited--from the federal steps to Union Square--from 60 Wall to chatters in livestream land! Let's talk about our first National call to action to come to New York! Get plugged in by sharing thoughts and ideas on how to boldly mark S17 as a day of celebration and a day of rage uniting the 99%!

Sunday, July 8th, 11:00am

  • Occupy Town Square: Bushwick
    • Maria Hernandez Park - Brooklyn, NY
    • Occupy Bushwick & Occupy Town Square present a day of teach-ins, political discussion, food, music, and celebration! Come share your ideas and stories, learn about the movement, argue with us, collaborate with us.

Sunday, July 8th, 12pm

  • Koch Brothers Party in the Hamptons
    • Southampton, Long Island
    • Let's join David Koch and friends at their ritzy fundraiser for Romney, Mr.1% himself. He's throwing a party to decide the outcome of the election and we weren't invited we're throwing our own party. There will be a big party on the beach, a march up to David Koch's place, and a flotilla of boats sporting banners offshore. Sun, sand, and dissent! What better way to spend a summer day? Buses leave Union Square at Noon, and come back to NYC in the evening.

Weekly Marches on Wall Street

  • Monday July 9th & Friday July 13
    • Building on the energy and enthusiasm from the National Gathering on July 4th, it's time to get back to 'business' as it were - and Direct Action hopes to do that by resuming a series of weekly marches on Wall Street building up to Black
  • Monday, September 17th.
  • Monday, July 9th: 9 am rally at Liberty Plaza, 9:30 am march down Wall Street.
  • Friday, July 13th: 3:30 pm rally at Liberty Plaza, 4 pm march down Wall Street Casseroles-style for the People's Gong!

Wednesday July 11th

  • Guitarmy Welcome Party
    • Wall Street
    • Welcome the #99MileMarch from Philly to NYC! March on the closing bell? Massive evening GA? We'll decide together! Follow @99MileMarch for updates on arrival time and all the festivities along the way!

July 14th and 15th, 10:00am - 6:00pm

  • Occupy the Stage Scene Creation Workshop
    • Brooklyn Free School, 372 Clinton Avenue  Brooklyn, NY 11238
    • Using Theatre of Oppressed techniques, participants will create theatrical scenes that enact oppression, struggle and resistance, as well as ideas for next steps and action in OWS. The scenes can be recycled and re-performed anywhere to help spark dialogue and communicate messages of social justice. Please join for this 2 day workshop!

This Week's Featured Occu-Project

  • Occupy Catholics
    • Occupy Catholics is an emerging national network working to organize aCatholic role in the Occupy movement, and to consider what the Occupy movement means for us as Catholics. What brought Occupy Catholics together as a group around the country, both online and in person, is the shared sense that the Occupy movement's message speaks to the heart of our faith and poses an important challenge to our church. Though the group includes clergy, it's decidedly lay-driven and committed to non-hierarchical organizing. All are welcome to participate, especially those who have felt marginalized by the Catholic Church in the past, yet who remain committed to helping create a church worthy of its calling.
    • We are the 99%, made in God's image, seeking God's justice. Join us!

Connect. Collaborate. Contribute.

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    • @OWSUnionSquare
    • Every day Occupy Union Square has an info table open and staffed, acting as a hub to promote the constant flurry of events and meetings occurring in the park and across OWS
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