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Is Black Monday the New Beginning?

September 17 marks one year since Occupy Wall Street began as a People’s movement. Everybody from the government to the corporate (mainstream) media speculated that the movement would be dead by spring of 2012. But here we are.

Many of our beloved comrades have transitioned out of the movement, hoping to take a step back, and making room for the next generation of Occupy activists to step up.

Unlike May 1st, this date is significant to just this movement. This is our day to shine. What will this day look like? Come to one of our planning meetings and you will dream. But nothing can be said for certain. Social movements take time to grow. Currently, the vast majority of Americans either don’t care about politics, accept that capitalism is the way, continue to vote for the “lesser of two evils” or are too busy watching Sunday night football or feeding their consumerist souls at the mall.

According to experts, who aren’t on corporate payrolls, this economy will crash in less than three years. That is when we, the People, hope to introduce a new concept to the world. One that is counter-capitalist. One where we help those in need without the expectation of reward. One where not-for-profit credit unions outnumber greedy banks. Though I would like to see the abolition of currency, a transition to a socialist model will be the necessary first step. Homes for all, healthcare for all, an immediate freeze on all military spending and most importantly, building a culture of care.

I don’t know what the future of this movement will look like. But I speculate we will come out of Black Monday stronger. Government repression can only go on for so long. Even the powerful Nazi Germany came to an end. Take a day off. And come join us on #S17 on Wall Street, and change the course of history.

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