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Protect Occupy’s Right to Peaceably Assemble For Our Anniversary‏

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Nearly one year ago a bottom up protest movement erupted in New York City, calling attention to the role of Wall Street in robbing the 99% and wrecking the economy. It was a movement that inspired millions.

But Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a global leader of the 1%, unleashed his ‘private army’ to pepper spray, beat, arrest, imprison and evict us. As we prepare for the one year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street on September 17th, what will his response be this time?

Tell Mayor Bloomberg to respect Occupy’s right to peaceably assemble.

Occupy organizers from all five boroughs and from across the country are striving for a different kind of democracy. One where million$ and billion$ don’t decide who gets elected and who gets arrested. Do you have our back?

If so, tell Mayor Bloomberg, and join us in exercising our right to protest.

Tell the Mayor of Wall Street to put away his violent white shirts, helicopters, guns, chemical agents, jail cells and undercover spying operations.

Occupy is a nonviolent movement. And if Mayor Bloomberg hears all of our voices together and sees our collective power in the streets, we might just make it out of #S17 in one piece.

Our #S17 convergence in NYC is fast approaching. In the meantime, you can join us and help by: watching and sharing the Call to Action video, checking out the schedule of events from September 15-17″, distributing outreach materials to get the word out, or by digging in that much deeper through the S17nyc InterOccupy hub.

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