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TONIGHT Nightmare on Wall St: The 1% and the Ecological Crisis

Thursday, November 8, 2012 - 7:00am to 9:30am
Trinity Church
La Casita, 414 45th St.
Sunset Park, Brooklyn
Brooklyn, NY 11220
United States
Frack mob on October 6, 2012
Anti-fracking action in mid October, 2012.
Kate Conway

This event has been postponed due to Hurricane Sandy. New date is TBD.

The "Summer of Solidarity" saw a rise in ecological activism as well as a conscious acknowledgement of the interconnectivity of localized struggles. Whether we are occupying a mountaintop removal site in West Virginia or marching against fracking in South Africa there is a rising sense that all our grievances are connected through the systemic roots of the ecological crisis. We live in a social-economic climate that values profits over planet and people, that is poisoning the air we breathe, the water we drink, the soil we depend on and altering our actual climate in ways that threaten to make our planet uninhabitable.

An October 30th panel will feature veterans of a variety of environmental resistance movements, both local and national, followed by a public discussion. We will focus on the interconnection between issues of labor, race and ecology, with the aim of building a broader theoretical framework to understand the age we live in and make us sharper activists.


  • Jeremy Brecher: Nation contributor and author of Save the Humans and Strike!
  • Monica Hunken: Co-founder of Occupy the Pipeline
  • Chris Williams: OWS Environmental Solidarity, author of Ecology and Socialism; Solutions to the Capitalist Ecological Crisis
  • Michelle Fox: OWS Environmental Solidarity
  • Nicholas Mirzoeff: Strike Debt, Occupy/Climate Blogger
  • Eddie Bautista: New York Environmental Justice Alliance
  • Erica Carlinio: Harlem-based community garden activist
  • Winnie Wong: OWS Sustainability

Sponsored by OWS Environmental Solidarity, Haymarket Books, and the International Socialist Organization.

If your organization that would like to sponsor this event and/or table at this event please email

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