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Weekly Round-up

Activists Protest Against "Climate Silence" in Times Square

Occupy Wall Street & have teamed up with to help coordinate the response to Hurricane Sandy in NYC, launching local support pages where people can GIVE help or post a NEED.

Beginning with the Lower East Side, Red Hook, Astoria and Staten Island, volunteer organizers are using the new site to connect offers of help with places of need. Check it out and please support:

Follow @OccupySandy for the latest updates, and many thanks to the @OccupyWallStNYC ‘Tweetboat’ crew for making this happen, as well as to all the occupiers and supporters stepping up to help out at large!

-- from the 'Your Inbox: Occupied' team

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Occupy these Actions and Events

Now, through November 15th

  • Sign up to help with the #RollingJubilee social media campaign
  • Even if you can't make it to the telethon, or the InterOccupy calls, you can sign up to our email announcement list to become a key part of our big social media promotional campaign. We can't afford billboards or TV ads (especially during election season!) but we can harness our global people power network to spread the word about the Rolling Jubilee and the corrupt debt economy. Sign up to the email list or follow @StrikeDebt to learn when our coordinated campaigns will be and how to participate.

Wednesday, October 31, 7:30pm

  • Alternative Halloween Parade
  • 6th Ave and Spring St.
  • The Village Halloween Parade is being cancelled (or rescheduled) for the first time in its 39 year history but Halloween is still the 31st -- And downtown Manhattan is dark and spooky. Thus, we suggest that all who care to maintain this NYC tradition - gather at the Halloween Parade's usual start point for a night where we will turn back the clock to the early days, before it moved to 6th Avenue - and parade through the Village streets bringing joy, light and treats to those we meet.

Thursday, November 1st, 8:30pm

  • InterOccupy call about Strike Debt and the #RollingJubilee
  • The #RollingJubilee is a Strike Debt project to buy defaulted debt for pennies on the dollar and erase it, rather than letting debt collectors use their predatory and exploitative tactics. This call will be the first of two to coordinate nationally around the #RollingJubilee project. We will discuss how people around the country and world can help with the campaign, from spreading the word to hosting viewing parties to raising awareness about debt in their neighborhood.

Friday, November 2nd

  • 10am
    • Tickets go on sale for the #PeoplesBailout
    • The #PeoplesBailout, on November 15th, is the official launch of the #RollingJubilee project. It will be a variety show/telethon with music, comedy, education, magic, and more. Special guests include Janeane Garofalo, Jeff Mangum from Neutral Milk Hotel, Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth, Lizz Winstead and many more. 100% of ticket prices go to abolishing debt, and are sold at a sliding scale based on how much debt you want to abolish: $25 abolishes $500 of debt, $50 abolishes $1000, and so on.
  • 6pm
    • Black Friday OWS Action Planning
    • NYNJJB, 33 W 14th St., New York, NY
    • Join Occupy Wall Street, 99 Pickets, and allies to plan "Wall Street to Walmart", an OWS-wide series of actions starting on Thanksgiving and culminating on Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year. You can also subscribe to the Black Friday email list here.

Saturday, November 3rd

  • 12pm
    • 99PKTS on the Golden Farm Picket Line
    • Golden Farm, 329 Church Ave, Brooklyn NY 11218
    • 99 Pickets and Occupy Wall Street are joining workers and Kensington residents on the Golden Farm picket line this Saturday. After claiming they would never pay workers their back pay or allow a union in his store, Sonny Kim has reached a settlement with workers acknowledging he paid less than minimum wage, and is now entering into negotiations with the worker's union. But workers are keeping up the pressure until the contract is signed and payment of back wages is received. The fight is not over, join us.
  • 1pm
    • Occupy The Subways
    • Union Square
    • Help reach out to the 99% by Occupying the Subways, which will be done in support of the workers at Golden Farm in Kensington Brooklyn. If you have literature for your working, affinity group, and / or GA or other movement bring it.

Monday, November 5th, 7pm

  • Election Victory Celebration at Goldman Sachs
  • Goldman Sachs, 200 West Street, NYC
  • The system isn't broken, it's fixed! Endlessly repeating political ads and staged debates insist your $5 contribution is just as powerful as Goldman Sachs' millions in contributions to both sides. On Election Eve, Occupy Wall Street will stand in front of Goldman Sachs and tell it like it is: whoever wins, we the people lose.

Tuesday, November 6th

  • 6am - 9pm
    • Make Voting Count: Election Day Alternative Voting Experiment
    • 96th Street and Broadway
    • On Election Day the Political and Electoral Reform group will be conducting an alternative voting experiment at polling places in Manhattan's 69th State Assembly District. The group has been granted credentials from the NYC Board of Elections to conduct the exit-poll style experiment inside the city's official polling places. For more information about the voting experiment, see our website:
  • 4:30pm
    • Wall Street Election Day Victory Party
    • Liberty Plaza (AKA Zuccotti Park)
    • On Election Day, why wait until the official tally comes in? After all, here on Wall Street, we are always the first to know who won. Join us in a toast as we declare Wall Street the winner.
  • 9pm
    • Occupy Times Square
    • Times Square
    • Due to the influence of money in politics, no matter which candidates are victorious on November 6th, Wall Street still wins. Likewise we can all agree: voting by itself will not bring about the changes we need. As soon as the polls close, let's gather in Times Square and show people what REAL democracy looks like - holding a People's Assembly and creating a place where anyone can speak, not just those who raise money to run for office.

Wednesday, November 7th, 5pm

  • March of the Unemployed
  • Union Square
  • One in every seven New York workers is unemployed, underemployed or has given up looking for work. You are not alone and you can join us to show the city, the mayor, the President, that an unemployment crisis is happening.

Saturday, November 10th, 12pm

  • Angry Mob at Lord Blankcheck's Front Gate
  • Occupy Goldman Sachs at 15 Central Park West
  • Just days after one of his puppet Presidential candidates wins the Presidency, the People will gather outside the front gate of Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein's (aka Lord Blankcheck) not-so-humble abode. Bring a FAKE pitchfork or torch and join our Toy Mob.

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