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Update on the Occupy National Gathering: Video

99 percent art

Occupy Wall Street (Inter) National Gathering: Decolonize The 99% Video

Occupy (Inter) National Gathering released a teaser video today. In the video, we see Occupy Sandy volunteers, Om circles and pepper spray. Occupy is not only not leaving, it’s coming back wiser and stronger! PLEASE SHARE WIDELY!

Activists from around the world will gather at the site of the ruined Kalamazoo river to share what they’ve learned over the last year. The video also gives a hint of the daily themes and illustrate what to expect over five days of “Peace. Love and Democracy”

#‎NatGat2‬ in Kzoo ~ Video Teaser


‪#‎NatGat2013‬ #NatGat2013 @Ng2Kzoo ‪#‎Occupy‬ (Inter) National Gathering ‪#‎Kalamazoo‬ 8/21-25

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The Occupy National Gathering, like all Occupy events, strives to be free and provide Mutual Aid for essentials like food, water, sanitation, housing, transport, media and support. All services are provided free by volunteer teams and participants., but we could sure use your help with unavoidable cash costs! Please Donate!

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