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Occupy Wall Street Court Appearance Schedule

Over a thousand people have been arrested during Occupy Wall Street actions and events, and many of them have resisted the temptation of taking an ACD and, instead, are forcing the state to give them their day in court.

The OWS community has done a fantastic job providing "jail support" to people who have been detained by the NYPD.  The next phase of support is now needed: court support.

In order to do court support, all you have to do is sit in the court room and watch the proceedings.  If you'd like to go one step further, you can take notes and email them to

Below is a breakdown of OWS court appearances this week. Please share this info with your friends.  For questions or suggestions, call or text 646-535-6291.

Jury 7 is on the fourth floor of 346 Broadway, and all the other parts are located in 100 Centre Street. All appearances start at 9:30am.


Monday, June 25

  • 5 individual trials from 11/15 arrests, Jury 7

Wednesday, June 27

  • 1 consolidated trial with 5 defendants from Brooklyn Bridge, Jury 7