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Courage Muslim Brothers: Hundreds Stand for Justice for Guantanamo Captives

gitmo protestors

Friday, January 10th, Washington, D.C. - Hundreds gathered to demonstrate against the continued operations of the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Over one hundred men are have been held captive there for years without any hope of a trial. In 2005 and again in 2013 dozens of the captive men went on hunger strikes to demand their freedom. The State Department has refused to release further information about hunger strikes at the prison. Many men have died waiting for justice.

On Friday afternoon, 166 people dressed in orange jumpsuits, their heads covered in black bags, kneeled in front of the White House gates. Members of the crowd tied little orange ribbons to the bars. And as they called out for the prison to be shut down and for the human rights abuses to end they sang these powerful, moving words:

Courage Muslim brothers.

You do not walk alone.

We will walk with you,

And sing your spirits home.

Friday's demonstrations were organized by many groups. More information about the ongoing demonstrations can be found here and here.

Live coverage of the demonstration is available on Witness Torture's video stream.

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