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Events on and before #S17

#S17 2013

The 2-Year Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street

Below is a list of events happening on and beforethe second anniversary of OWS. Need help planning your S17 event? Contact us at

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    September 17

    All Day

    • S17 2nd Anniversary of OWS – All Day Actions Debrief

      • 7a – 10pm
      • 8 AM The People’s Puppets Celebration on Wall Street, Liberty Square (aka Zuccoti Park)

        Morning march through Financial District and a Rally to support fast food workers.

        11 AM March for Global Solidarity Against the TPP! Money out of Politics!, Liberty Square to Washington Square

        12 PM Rally in Washington Square: No TPP! Money Out of Politics! Global Solidarity!

        2 PM Money Warz TPP Street Theater in Times Square. Mid-town anti-corporate march.

      • And much more in the evening!

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    • S17 Worldwide Call to Action

    • A day of remembrance. The birthday of the revolution.
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    • S17 Peoples Exchange

    • Bring food, clothing, books, and ideas to share.
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    • S17 Global Solidarity for Global Justice!

    • Stop TPP – Backroom Power Grabs for the 1%!
    • Get Corporate Money Out of Politics!
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    • S17 Action in Support of Fast Food Workers at McDonald's

    • Labor Outreach Committee of OWS
      • Details and location TBA
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    • 8am- 11 am

      The People’s Puppets Celebrate S17

    • The People's Puppets, will lead a songful procession beginning in Liberty Square (Zuccotti Park) at 8am and hosting a peaceful procession around the financial district with bubbles take from the Declaration of the Occupation flowchart, and Lady Liberty may make an appearance too! The march will end in Liberty Square about 11am. At 11, a new march will start from Liberty Square to Washington Square for a rally against the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), Money in Politics, and for Global Solidarity! From their the Money Warz puppets and the TPP Death Star will lead us on a theatrical march through Midtown past corporations slated to benefit from the TPP.  The People's Puppets pick up again in the evening with a bunch of debt boulders for the Robin Hood Tax event uptown!
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    • Occupy S17: Tax Wall Street, Pass the Robin Hood Tax

    • On September 17th we demand that Wall Street pay for its crimes! The Robin Hood Tax is a financial transaction tax that takes .05% of all financial transactions and puts that money towards essential social services like health care, student debt, global health, AIDS prevention and more.
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    Money Out of Politics Rally

    To commemorate the 2nd Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street and the Movement's call to create a Presidential Commission to separate money from politics, a Money Out Of Politics coalition that consists of millions of Americans including Occupy Wall Street, Democrats, Republicans and Tea Party will rally to support the separation of money from politics and enacting public campaign financing laws so that each American's voice will have equal weight and corporations will no longer have undue influence over the legislative process and public policy.  This, in turn, will help lead to fair elections, fair trade and fair taxation.

    Fair elections includes representatives that carry out the will of more than 90% of the population that demands gun safety laws that will save many of the ten thousand Americans killed by gun violence each year.  Fair trade includes stopping a fast track of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreements (TAFTA) in order to protect good paying American jobs, the environment, financial regulations, and civil liberties. Fair taxation includes corporations and the wealthy paying the same effective tax rate as the middle class and enacting a 0.5% financial transaction tax (the robin hood tax) raising  more than 500 Billion Dollars a year that would provides free preschool through college education for all American, rebuilt the infrastructure with a green grid that would create millions of good paying jobs and save many lives from pollution related diseases as well as reducing the deficit. -  Commission To Investigate Government Corruption - 1 Place Plaza, Pace University

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