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Friday, The Dream Marches On: Support Airport Workers!

Our Day!

What: The Dream Marches On: Sanitation Workers 1968 – Airport Workers 2014

When: Friday, April 4th, 9:15 a.m.

Where: Lefferts Blvd JFK AirTrain Station

This campaign began on MLK Day this year, and it will continue until airport sanitation get the time off they deserve. MLK gave a voice to the voiceless by shining a light on the fights against injustice. On April 4th, join us as we shine a light for justice so that workers fighting for a union can find their voice at work.
Airport workers have been fighting for better conditions at their workplace. Following acts of civil disobedience by workers, elected officials, and community supporters, the Port Authority agreed to join us in our fight and asked the airlines to raise wages and give MLK Day as a paid holiday. While two of the airlines that hire these contractors have complied, we need to continue to raise awareness and make sure that all airlines do.

Workers, elected and clergy leaders, and community supporters will gather at Lefferts Blvd JFK AirTrain Station to start the march. For 10 miles, we will march with them along Lefferts to 83rd Avenue to Queens Blvd to Junction Blvd, with the march ending at 3:30 p.m. on the 94th Street Bridge by Ditmars Blvd, which leads into LaGuardia Airport. Join Us!

Friday, show your support for people like Shareeka Elliot:

At my job as a terminal cleaner for Airway Cleaners, a contractor for American Airlines in Terminal 8 at JFK Airport, I make $7.90 an hour with no benefits. My pay does not begin to cover my bills or food for me and my daughters.

Contractors hired by airlines and terminal operators have been getting away with paying passenger service workers at the airports poverty wages.

My coworkers and I get little or no health care. And most of us get little or no paid vacation time.
Like we do every year, my coworkers will work this holiday season to make sure the flying public is cared for and get to their families safely, but we need time off to spend with our families too.
We’ve been struggling for over a year to get these contractors to do the right thing, but we’ve gotten nowhere. The Port Authority has the power to make things better for all of us in one fell swoop. Today we’re asking the Port to act quickly and take a first step in the right direction: Give all of us MLK day as a paid holiday.
January 20, 2014 is Martin Luther King Day. Dr. King died supporting Memphis sanitation workers who were working under deplorable conditions and making what would be $11.41 per hour today. Forty-six years after Dr. King’s death, most airport passenger service workers work under deplorable conditions and earn just $8 per hour with little or no benefits.
Thank you,
-Shareeka Elliot
Terminal Cleaner, JFK Airport

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