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Lakota Grandmothers Project Comes to NYC

Flyer for Lakota Elders Truth Tour

The Lakota Solidarity Project with the Lakota Cante Tenza Okolakiciye (Strong Heart Warriors) are issuing an International Call To Action for both Native and non-native Warriors, Activists, Artists, Culture-Jammers, Organizers, Community Builders, Freedom Fighters, Idle-No-More Supporters, Occupy Groups, Indignados, Organizations, Coalitions, Networks, Spiritual Communities, Elders and Youth to join us at this critical moment to help end the genocide of the traditional and grassroots Lakota Oyate (people) and support the renewal of traditional matriarchal – Grandmother led- leadership.

Right now, Lakota Grandmothers, Elders, Warriors, and Oyate who are the remaining traditional language speakers, culture holders, and freedom fighters, are being deliberately inflicted with conditions of life intended to bring about their destruction.

Through genocidal policies of forced assimilation only 6000-8000 Lakota still speak their language, and the average age of a Lakota speaker is 65 years old. This makes the traditional and full-blood Elders the key to any sovereign future for their people. Otherwise, governmental policies intended to turn sovereign Lakota Oyate into United States’ resident “Native Americans” will continue until the total erasure of sovereign Lakota lands, culture, and identity.

For the Lakota people to rise out of dormancy and despair – the traditional matriarchal leaders of the people – the Grandmothers- must be heard. But they face daily abuse, neglect, enforced poverty, and direct subversion in attempts to silence their voices and keep them from reclaiming their traditional leadership roles. We cannot let this fatal system of abuse continue. We must ensure their voices and leadership are heard clearly around the world right now!


Beginning on March 15th, a broad international movement will begin to support traditional Lakota Grandmothers, Elders, Warrior-activists, and grassroots Lakota Oyate by holding the United States Government and individual State Governments accountable for their genocidal policies to the United Nations and International Community.

Join us in creating a barrage of creative publicity, attention, and support from the Four Directions in solidarity with these courageous Elders and activists so they will be heard. All culturally appropriate forms of solidarity action are welcomed and needed. In addition to our organized actions, we encourage the use of music, dance, language, art, theatre, and other creative actions to bring attention to their cause.

Upcoming Events in NYC

A delegation of Lakota Elders will visit NY to demand an end to the genocide of their people as they renew traditional matriarchal leadership. Let's stand behind them and get their voices heard around the world!

  • Monday, April 8
    • 7:00pm - Indigenous Solidarity and Decolonization Training.  Judson Memorial Church Assembly Hall (239 Thompson St, downstairs)
  • Tuesday April 9
    • 9:00am - International Day of Action: March to the UN.  Bryant Park
    • 6:30pm - Lakota Grandmothers Presentations and 'Red Cry' Showing.  St Paul & St Andrew Church (263 W 86th St. New York, NY):
  • Wednesday, April 10
    • 12:00pm - Lunch with Lakota Elders in the Park: Food, storytelling, theatre, education. Washington Square Park
    • 7pm - Cultural Performing Arts Celebration: Drumming, dancing, musical performance. Location TBA

To get involved, contact LSP NY coordinator Christine at 765-444-9313 or email

Upcoming Events Around the Country

  • April 1 - 17
    • Lakota Elders Truth Tour begins a 12 city journey of education and awareness on the way to the United Nations in New York and the White House in Washington DC.
  • April 1
    • Official premier of Lakota Documentary “Red Cry” in Rapid City, SD, Lakota Territory.
  • April 9
    • International Day of Solidarity Action. Official Complaint of Genocide is released to the United Nations and International Community.
  • April 16
    • International Vigil in support of Lakota visiting Washington DC to meet with the U.S. Government.

For more information or to get involved


The Lakota Solidarity Project (LSP) is a history making social justice collaboration between traditional Tetuwan Lakota Elders from Pine Ridge Reservation and a growing group of native and non-native solidarity activists directed by the Lakota Strong Heart Warrior Society. In togetherness, we are growing an international movement to end the genocide of the Lakota people and support the renewal of matriarchal leadership from Lakota Grandmothers on Pine Ridge and across the Lakota Nation. Learn more about LSP online at

The LSP is an all-volunteer (no paid staff) group formed in March 2011 by the Cante Tenza Okolakiciye (Strong Heart Warriors) and Four Directions Solidarity Network. We grow revolutionary solidarity with Indigenous rights struggles using the latest in media and organizing tools but led, directed and inspired by traditional Lakota elders and activists. In addition to education and advocacy in support of Lakota Elders and their struggles of resistance, we also train non-natives in Indigenous solidarity best practices, decolonization, anti-racism, and ending cultural theft.

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