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The Tax Dodgers Make it to the Baseball Hall of Fame

Occupy Wall Street's parody baseball team, The Tax Dodgers, have their own exhibit in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. And that's no joke! The direct action street theatre troupe was approached by the Cooperstown, NY museum in May, when the venerable institution requested a Tax Dodgers uniform to put on display. It is there now, along with information about the group and their work drawing attention to income inequality. The team’s public celebration of this historic honor will take place Sunday in front of the entrance to Citi Field, right before the Mets vs. Dodgers game. They will of course be accompanied by their hula-hoop cheerleader squad, the Loopholes.

Team Captain Goldman Sachs says, “In accepting this incredible honor, the team would like to thank regular, hardworking Americans for paying that we don’t have to.” Added G.E., the team’s heavy hitter, "Baseball is American as apple pie, but evading taxes is a piece of cake."

A special “Most Valuable Player'”award will be presented to Citibank for their outstanding record of stealing homes.

Meet at Mets/Willets Point Station Entrance at  Citi Field on Sunday,  July 22, at noon. This is your best chance to experience the "The best team money can buy!"

Immediately afterwards, the team will go to Jackson Heights, Queens (78th St/34th Ave) to play a game vs. The 99%ers, a team of made up of everyday people chosen on the spot.*

Learn more at

*The game might be rigged

Erik McGregor
Kelli Daley

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