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There will be a NoFare World Cup Action on June 19th

Brazil on fire

The following is a translation from:

On June 19, we will take to the streets to declare that our fight does not end with the destruction of the last soccer field.

In as much that those who benefit from the wealth of the Cup, the people suffer innumerable abuses as a consequence of this mega event, which only reenforces the daily authoritarian logic that prevails in our city. For years we have been told that the government does not have the money to make transportation gratis. However it has become evident that since June of last year, that the powers that be have spent millions of public funds on repression in service of automobile accessibility. Furthermore, these funds were designated in the interest of a car-city and public transit in service of the Cup - and not the people. All the while  neglecting the popular desire of resolving the primary concern for public transit: the fare!

Adding to this abuse the government, along with FIFA, has included a free fare on public transport to those who were been able to pay for tickets for the games.

On the day commorating the repeal of the twency cent increase, we will leave from the Praça do Ciclista on the corner of Paulista and Consolaçao, and continue to the Marginal Pinheiros, where together we will have a party that represents our model of city: constructed by and for the people. We will retake the city from the wealthy, as the people  of Sao Paulo did with "Churrascao da Gente Diferenciada" the roasting of the  celebrity class (Churrascao da Gente Diferenciada) and the mall rats (Rolezinhos). Art, popular footbal, and turnstiles in flames to jump over will form symbols of the present city that is not made for us.

During the greatest turnstile month of the year, let our message be heard in the streets: it is the people who will deliver the message.

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