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Tompkins Square Park Campout - Camp New York Post

Tompkins Square Park Campout

Join us August 7-9 in New York City to protest out-of-control policing

Protest the NYPD "sniper tower" in Tompkins Square Park 1988 with a weekend long campout to celebrate the 27 years since the bloody NYPD riot that injured hundreds of innocent and unawares local citizens in our neighborhood. The arrogance of the NYPD was never greater since the recent erection of the "sniper" tower outfitted with cameras and recording equipment. A clear and blatant violation to first and fourth amendments rights to public assembly, free speech and privacy. Bring a tent, water and noise makers. Support the right of homeless people to enjoy a public park. Its real estate maggots like Jared Kushner who are destroying our community. Let's show him it won't come easy. In addition,first of all the camp will be called Camp New York Post and people will not be sleeping inside the park and being arrested. We will sleep on 7th street outside the park and there will be no fires just free food and cold non-alcoholic drinks. We also will not block the sidewalk. The point we want to make is that the reason for doing this is not just the tower it is because we believe the NY Post used the sad plight of homeless people to create a return to Giuliani style policing in relation to the poor and those suffering from poverty, mental illness and gentrification and we do not want that to continue. Bring any copies you see being recycled [don't buy em] of the NY Post to sleep on and use as toilet paper.

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