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Weekly Round-up

Kshama Sawant Speaking Tour

Occupy in the News

  • Cyprus: What Every Occupier Needs to Know
  • Nicholas Levis from the Alternative Banking Working Group weighs in on the crisis in Cyprus after they rejected a proposed 10 billion European Union bank bailout. Cyprus constitutes “an experiment in total exercise of class power, to see how far a people can be pushed and what might be learned for future cases.”
  • Let Me Ascertain You: The Civilians Podcast
  • The Civilians
  • Let Me Ascertain You, from award-winning investigative theater company The Civilians, is a weekly podcast series of performances crafted from interviews with real people about current and controversial topics, including Occupy Wall Street, Atlantic Yards, the adult entertainment industry, Evangelical Christianity, and more. Last week they aired their finale from a 5 part Occupy #S17 series.
  • In Solidarity With the Community of East Flatbush and the Family of Kimani Gray
  • “Predatory debt, public austerity, emergency restructuring, climate crisis: the disasters of Wall Street hit black and brown people the hardest”. Prior to a solidarity march this Sunday, the following was published - providing details on the rationale of so many occupiers who are supporting the #BrooklynProtest, in a manner that will help provide mutual understanding for solidarity with this neighborhood-led local effort.

Featured Occu-Project of the Week

For over a year now, Occu-Evolve has been holding weekly assemblies and actions focused on "race, class, gender, identity, cultural and structural and direction of the movement.” It was formed out of an ardent commitment to providing outreach to the 99%, particularly people of color, the working class and neighborhood assemblies.

Occu-Evolve’s efforts at this time couldn’t be more timely in light of the tragedy of Kimani Gray and the #BrooklynProtest it has inspired. Check out their Occupy For Kimani (and all victims of police injustice) page for details on “positive, clear, organized and coordinated actions, communication and planning for Justice for Kimani Gray, as well as other victims of unjust and deadly police actions and encounters.”

Occupy these Actions & Events

Wednesday March 27

  • 7pm
    • Join Occupier Kshema Sawant, Lucas Sanchez from NY Communities for Change and Eljeer Hawkins for a discussion how we can continue to build a left alternative to the two parties of Wall Street. Last Fall, Kshama Sawant ran against the Washington state’s Democratic Speaker of the House to demonstrate that it is, in fact, possible to challenge the two parties of big business. She won a historic 29% of the vote as a Socialist Alternative candidate even though her campaign refused corporate donations and was largely ignored by the corporate media.
  • 10:00pm
    • Occupy Sandy Meets The Living Theatre party
    • Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center, 107 Suffolk St, Manhattan
    • The Living Theatre is an anarchist theatre collective that has among core principles are equality, non-violence, consensus decision-making and yes, mutual aid. Like Occupy Sandy, The Living Theatre works hard to try and make this world a better place. It's time to take a break and spend a fun evening together with like-minded people! Entrance is free of charge but we will be collecting donations for Occupy Sandy at the door.  Also, the Living Theatre is performing ‘Here We Are’ at 8pm in the same space. So if you haven't seen it yet, here is your opportunity! Use the code Occupy Sandy when you get to the door and get your tickets at Pay-What-You-Can rate.

Friday, March 29th, 6:30-9:00pm

  • Women’s History Month Assembly
  • 60 Wall Street
  • In this special assembly to honor and commemorate Women’s History Month, we will discuss the issues surrounding women and the importance of organizing around Feminism and Womanism and their connection and effectiveness in combating the issues that People of Color, the Working Class, Women, Poor People and all of the 99% face today.

Saturday, March 30th, 10am-8:00pm

  • Building the Commons - Making Worlds
  • The Brooklyn Commons, 388 Atlantic Avenue
  • “Making Worlds: a Commons Coalition” was formed during the occupation of Zuccotti Park in order to bring projects working to reclaim the commons to the fore of the Occupy movement. Last year’s Forum on the Commons sought to conceptualize and explore different areas for commoning – natural resources, arts and education, care and reproduction, alternative economies. This year, we would like to open up space for a horizontal conversation with a strong focus on the concrete processes of commoning that are taking place or could take place in New York City now. To register and for a detailed schedule please visit

Thursday, April 4th, 6:00pm

  • Occupy the NRA Protests Owl Creek Asset Management
  • 640 5th Ave. Floor 20
  • Occupy the NRA (ONRA) is launching a long­ term social action campaign to hold Wall Street firms accountable for their investments in gun manufacturers. We will push these firms to divest their stocks in these blood­soaked companies, hitting them where it hurts most, namely, their bottom line.

Monday, April 15th, 3pm-6pm

  • Tax Day NYC: Pay Up Wall Street!
  • Goldman Sachs headquarters, 200 Wall Street
  • Join Flip The Debt for a nationwide day of action on Tax Day April 15th at the headquarters of Goldman Sachs in NYC, which received millions in interest-free financing from the city on the condition they would create jobs. No surprise, Goldman didn't keep their word. If you are sick and tired of Wall Street banks and large companies raking in billions in corporate welfare while they pay no taxes, take action and join us.

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