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Weekly Round-up

Photo of stencil illustration on wall that reads, "Resistance is fertile."

Our May Day NYC demonstrations and events are coming up on May 1st!

Check out details on all the ways to get involved, such as the schedule of the day and how to support OWS May Day activities financially.

You can also RSVP on Facebook to Occupy May Day NYC 2013, and peruse the litany of Facebook pages for specific May Day actions, including: The NYC Student May Day Convergence, the Immigrant Worker Justice Tour, the People’s Puppets Celebration of May Day, the Occupy May Day Guitarmy, the May Day Rally for Worker and Immigrant Rights, as well as the May Day People’s Assembly and the Kimani Gray Memorial City-Wide Assembly.

Hope to see you there:

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Occupy in the News

This morning OWS Alternative Banking picketed Citigroup’s Annual Shareholders meeting. Read their rationale for ‘Why Occupy the Citi?’ on the Alternative Banking blog.

Check out the organizer guide on to help anyone organize and plan actions this spring, put together by Occupy The Economy in collaboration with the upcoming Occupy Love film.

Reported in Forbes, SEC commissioner Luis Aguilar thinks that investors should be able to sue their investment advisors: “In light of the SEC’s actions to shut out investors’ is now more important than ever that defrauded investors have the ability to seek redress against those who participate in defrauding them.”

Last Week, on Occupy Wall Street Radio

Click the dates below to listen to each 25 minute episode of Occupy Wall Street Radio:

  • Monday, April 15th - Updates on the case of Jeremy Hammond, an activist held in downtown Manhattan for over one year without trial, accused of hacking private surveillance firm Stratfor and releasing their files to Wikileaks.
  • Tuesday, April 16th - Author, journalist, and activist Nathan Schneider, editor of the news site “Waging Nonviolence”, about his experiences in Occupy Wall Street, captured in his new book “Thank You, Anarchy: Notes from the Occupy Apocalypse.”,
  • Wednesday, April 17th - Members of the Lakota Solidarity project, who are speaking out against the genocide of the Lakota people on a “truth tour” that just passed through NYC.
  • Thursday, April 18th - No show this week.
  • Friday, April 19th - 17 year old Katherine Tabares from Colombia, an activist for who was unable to get a scholarship to continue her education because of her undocumented status, speaking about her experiences organizing for comprehensive immigration reform.

Tune in to Occupy Wall Street Radio, 6:30PM every M-F, on WBAI (99.5FM in NYC, streamed live Recordings are available for 90 days at

Occupy These Actions & Events

Sunday, April 28th, 3pm

  • Worker and Immigrant Rights Rally
  • Kensington Plaza
  • On the Sunday before May Day, join Occupy Kensington to rally for worker and immigrant rights. This rally is a crucial way to support Golden Farm (and all) workers’ fight for fair wages, decent conditions, representation and respect on the job.

Thursday, May 2nd, 6:30pm

  • Opening Night: Tasting Event Fundraiser for Far Rockaway’s Recovery and Hurricane Sandy Relief
  • Brooklyn Winery, 213 North 8th Street
  • Come celebrate the bounty of spring and benefit Far Rockaway’s recovery with renowned authors, chefs and visionaries! The good times will benefit Veggie Island: Founded in 2010, in Rockaway Beach, Veggie Island was a community hub for locally grown, ecologically friendly products and produce. Their aim as they rebuild is to provide multi-faceted outreach to the community involving gardening, cooking, youth internships, and environmental awareness. For Tickets.

Friday, May 3rd

  • Theatrical Launch of "Occupy Love" at Cinema Village
  • 22 E. 12th Street
  • Join acclaimed director Velcrow Ripper (Scared Sacred, Fierce Light) on a journey deep inside the revolution of the heart that is erupting around the planet, as he asks the question, “How could the crisis we are facing become a love story?” The film connects the dots in this era of rapidly evolving social change, featuring captivating insider scenes from the Egyptian Revolution, the Indignado uprising in Spain, Occupy Wall Street in New York, Indigenous activists at the Alberta Tar Sands, the climate justice movement, and beyond. Woven throughout the action oriented backbone of the film is a deep exploration of public love, and compelling stories of an emerging new paradigm.

Wednesday, May 8th

  • Thousands Picket Bank of America
  • Nationwide #M08
  • OWS organizers in every state are organizing a picket at Bank of America branches. Nothing has changed, the banks are too big to fail, their executives are still criminals and our demand is uncompromising: Break Up Bank of America! Check out Occupy News on Facebook for another tool to make organizing your own local picket simple.

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