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Hands Up. Walk Out. December 1st

hands up walk out
This Monday, Dec, 1st, please join brave young brothers and sisters across the country as they walk out of their high schools and college classrooms  for justice. 
The Ferguson Action Team and partnering organizations are coordinating massive mobilizations across America and will continue to escalate until demands are met. 
For Monday the call the action is simple: 
"We are asking you and your organizations to support a mass walk out on Monday at 12:01pm CST—the time that Mike Brown was murdered. Folks can put their hands up as they leave their job, schools or wherever they are and gather together. Please share widely on social media using #HandsUpWalkOut."
Among the Action Team's comprehensive demands are calls to: 
  • End Mass Incarceration and the Prison Industrial Complex
  • Demilitarize Law Enforcement across the country
  • A comprehensive review of systemic abuses by local police departments.
  • Support the passage of the "End Racial Profiling Act"
You can read the full list of demands here.
In New York City, assembly will take place at noon on the north-side of Union Square Park. 
The Ferguson Action Team have come up with a protest tool kit for people who want to participate or create actions in their communities. It can be downloaded here.
Occupy Wall Street and Interoccupy and our media partners and allies will be giving full support to these rolling actions until justice is served for Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Troy Davis, Briother Mumia, Chelsea Manning, Jeremy Hammond, Marissa Alexander, John Crawford, Kajime Powell, Lynne Stewart, The Angola 3, Tamir Rice, Kelly Thomas and for all the many hundreds of thousands of brothers and sisters in this country who are herded through the pipeline of great American shame: The School to Prison Pipeline. 
Join us on the streets indefinitely and lets occupy highways, BART stations, intersections and shopping industrial complexes across the USA.

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