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Weekly Round-up

Our anniversary weekend may be over, but the fight is undoubtedly continuing and then some!

Following the victorious unionization drive maintained by the Occupy Hot and Crusty campaign from workers at the 63rd Street location, workers at other restaurants owned by the same group of investors have been inspired to organize themselves.

99 Pickets and the Laundry Workers Center are holding a series of events this week highlighting the struggles of restaurant workers, and spreading the word that they will not stand for exploitation.

No show of force from 1%-er bosses, banksters, or Bloomberg’s Army will squelch our determination to fight for the 99%. Let’s keep the momentum going.

—from the ‘Your Inbox: Occupied’ team

P.S. check out this great collection of S17 anniversary weekend photos & videos!

Occupy these Actions and Events

Wednesday, September 26th, 6pm

  • Popular Assembly
    • Liberty Plaza
    • The intention of this assembly is to provide the People with a non-oppressive, non-hierarchical and non-confrontational space to discuss issues and projects relevant to envisioning a better world. This will be a safe space to practice public dissent.

Thursday, September 27th, 11:30am

  • S27 Rally for NYPD Accountability and Community Safety
    • City Hall Park
    • Had enough of #stopandfrisk and other discriminatory policing? Join us on Thursday, September 27 at 11:30AM on the Broadway side of City Hall Park as we call for an end to stop-and-frisk abuses, mass surveillance of ethnic and religious communities, and for an NYPD accountable to the very communities it is supposed to serve.

Thursday, September 27 - Friday, September 28

  • Guitarmy: Occupy Barclays and Jay-Z Teach In
    • At 4pm on Thursday Sept 27th, the OWS Guitarmy and more will march from Wall Street's Trinity
    • Church to the Barclays Center to occupy the center overnight. An evening vigil and actions the following day will culminate in a teach-in from 4-6pm on Friday the 28th for Jay-Z and his fans. As Rolling Stone depicts, Jay-Z questioned the movement, and this is a ‘sincere answer’ in response.

Thursday, September 27th - Saturday, September 29th

  • Atlantic Yards Crime Scene Weekend
    • Join the Guitarmy and allies across the city as we protest the broken promises in the development of the Atlantic Yards project. Taxpayer money was diverted from Community Programs across Brooklyn, citizens were displaced via eminent domain and the MTA- which receives the revenue from the land- is threatening a fair hike.

Thursday, September 27th, 9pm

  • Jazz Artists are Workers Too: Join the J4JA march
    • Meet at Washington Square Park under the arch
    • The Justice for Jazz Artists campaign marches on – we are going back to the Blue Note with a live band to tell the club owners that musicians and jazz fans want them to do the right thing and sign on to the demands of our campaign – Pension, Pay scales, and Protections on recordings for all musicians who play the club. Our focus will be on delivering our message to the patrons and to club management, passing out leaflets, and encouraging people to take the J4JA message inside the club.

Every Friday, 3pm

  • International #globalNOISE Planning Call
    • #globalNOISE was first proposed by spanish #15M activists, and is now supported by several people and groups across the globe. Its main goal is to create a feeling of solidarity between all the global movements. The plan is to achieve this by doing the same thing on the same day all over the world - making a lot of noise. Join the call and help provide feedback on the proposal.

Friday, September 28th, 3pm

  • Toxic Bank Flash Dance
    • Brecht Forum courtyard @ 451 West Street, around the back
    • Disrupt dirty banks that invest in Spectra with a blast of dance! Occupy the Pipeline Invites you to Join Us in Blasting the Banks that support Toxic Energy

      with a Flash Dance Mob. Wear Business Camoflauge. Let's Let them know they've been Served.  Disrupt Dirty Banks who Invest In Spectra Energy's Fracked Gas Pipeline! Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America.

Friday, September 28th - Monday, October 1st

  • Nothing to See Here
    • 285 East 3rd St, 2nd Floor
    • Join us in kicking off a 4-day art extravaganza exploring the social documentary of Occupy Wall Street featuring imagery, music, speak outs, and more. Nothing to See Here is a photography exhibition to commemorate the one-year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, celebrate those who have dedicated their time, energy and resources to shaping the ongoing movement, as well as directly challenge the misperceptions by the general public and the mainstream media.

Friday, September 28th - Thursday, October 4th

  • American Autumn Theartical Release Benefitting Occupy & Allies
    • Quad Cinema at 34 W. 13th Street
    • The American Autumn ‘OccuDoc’ is having an official theatrical release, with 35 shows over 7 days. 50% of all box office receipts will be donated to Occupy and Occupy allied groups - including Tidal, Strike Debt, InterOccupy, Move To Amend Coalition, Bradley Manning Support Network, Action Resource Fund, Stop these Wars / Vets Peace Team, Occupy The Debates, The Other 98%, WBAI, Free Speech TV, etc.

Tuesday, October 2nd, 6:00pm

Wednesday, October 3rd, 6:30pm

  • Party to Save the West Village
    • LGBT CENTER, 208 West 13th Street
    • An extravaganza to benefit the Sane Energy Project Legal Fund and Occupy the Pipeline. IT'S GOING TO BE A BLAST (the kind we like)!
    • $15 advance sales or $20 at the door. Invite all your friends, gay or straight! ALL PERSUASIONS WELCOME!

Saturday, October 6th, 1pm

  • Frack Mob!  All Pipelines Lead to Wall Street
    • Brecht Forum courtyard @ 451 West St. around back
    • Green Painted Body mob masses against Spectra to give them a show they'll never forget!  Be bold, be brave.  All bodies rise against pipelines.

Tuesday, October 16th, 4pm

Thursday, October 18th

  • Global Day of Action to Reclaim Education
    • Everywhere
    • As part of the Global Day of Action student groups as well as various networks and communities are encouraged to hold general assemblies, which allow direct democracy, to discuss the issues related to education that affect them locally. General Assemblies would be an occasion to make decisions on the participation in the Global Education Strike (GES) in the perspective of one World, one Struggle.

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